Our Mentors/The Experts

Mentors! Mentors! Mentors!

How would you like to spend a half hour with one of our mentors whose sole concentration is you and your writing career?

Here's how it works:
After looking at the chart below, email your choice of mentor(s) to request availability for mentoring.
THEN: you will mail (snail or e, up to the mentor) a one-sheet about yourself and your work, the first ten pages of your WIP (if available and appropriate to the genre), and an overview of your goals, along with a $40 check or money order, made payable to the mentor. 

The mentor will set a time for you once they arrive at the conference. You will want to check their time sheet first on the day you schedule appointments so as not to double book. 

The Mentors:
Michelle Medlock Adams
Julie Gwinn
Bethany Jett ([email protected] ) Nonfiction, Ghostwriting, Proposals, Social Media (Limit 4)   
Eddie Jones ([email protected]) Fiction: Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Womens, YA, Middle Grade  (No Limit)
Ramona Richards ([email protected])  Nonfiction (Spiritual & Personal Growth), Romantic Suspense, Suspense, Women's Fiction  (Limit 5)